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Welcome to the Align Orthotics and Rehab blog.  We discuss issues related to custom orthotics, compression socks, gait analysis, running, and exercise rehab.  If there are any topics you would like to know more about, leave a comment, or check out our Facebook page.

Compression socks at Align

Check out our funky selection of compression socks

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Compression Socks

I love when two good things team up!   Bauerfeind (makers of stylish compression socks) is partnering with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and GOING PINK!  Bauerfeind will donate $5 to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation for every pair of limited edition Pink Compression...
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Patellofemoral pain

A panel of experts in patellofemoral pain have published a paper with their recommendations based on the most up to date research in the field.  This paper is available in an Open Access format and can be downloaded from the British Journal of Sports Medicine and you can download...
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Shoe Shopping for Back to School

Back to school shoe shopping  for your kids can be frustrating.  It is difficult to find a balance between buying the style your child likes and ensuring the shoes are comfortable and supportive.  The safe bet is to choose running shoes as they come in just about any colour. ...
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Turf Toe Injury

With the turf toe injury to Jose Bautista this summer, many people are asking “What is turf toe?”.  Bautista sustained an injury to his 1st metatarso-phalangeal joint (where his big toe articulates with the foot).  This is a soft tissue injury to the ligaments around...
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Our active kids

Spring and summer are an exciting time for our active kids. It’s also a busy time in rehab and sports injury clinics as we shift from indoor surfaces to fields and from skating to running. In our clinic we see an influx of kids, particularly 9-13 year olds, experiencing foot and...
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Limestone Race Weekend

Limestone Race Weekend is almost here!  We are really excited about this event.  It kicks off the spring for us at Align and brings the running community of Kingston and surrounding area together for a weekend.  If you are a runner enjoy the camaraderie of events like this, you...
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Run Softly

If you want to run injury-free: run softly.  Recently, Gretchen Reynolds of the NYTimes wrote a great article summarizing some original research published in December 2015. The take-home message is this: no matter how you strike the ground (heel or forefoot), regardless of what...
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The Kingston Running Community

I’ve been checking out pictures on Facebook posted by our friends at 365kingston.com and it reminds me what a great running community there is here in Kingston.  This past weekend there was a Kingston Road Runners Association Twosome race leaving from Winston Churchill...
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Gait Re-Training Using Real-Time Biofeedback

A quick update on our gait re-training using real-time biofeedback study: Adam Clansey and Mac Graydon have been pilot testing the new system on subjects at Human Motion Research Lab at Hotel Dieu Hospital (Kevin Deluzio’s lab) and working with Shawn from C-Motion to iron...
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