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Align Orthotics and Rehab Kingston, Ontario

Align Orthotics and Rehab is committed to providing custom and individualized treatment solutions for each client to help alleviate foot and lower limb pain and sports injuries.  We encourage greater mobility through re-alignment using orthotics as well as exercise prescription for long term rehabilitation and success.  Align Orthotics and Rehab is the only clinic in Eastern Ontario with 3D gait analysis.

What Makes Us Different?

Our state of the art 3Dgait analysis equipment was designed by the Running Injury Clinic in Calgary to accurately assess injuries caused by poor biomechanics and strength deficiencies.  This equipment is the gold standard in the industry as it provides 3D results and a personalized report which outlines your gait analysis results.

The Kingston Health and Rehabilitation Community

At Align Orthotics and Rehab we pride ourselves on our relationships with medical professionals in Eastern Ontario including family physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, athletic therapists and working with personal trainers to identify specific areas of weakness using our gait analysis equipment.  Our pedorthists believe that orthotics are only part of a successful rehabilitation program and that proper exercise and stretching lead to better long term results. As part of your analysis, we provide a full report for you to share with your health care professional.

We are proud to be a research partner with the University of Calgary Running Injury Clinic.