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Using our advanced 3D gait analysis system we can provide runners with a complex running assessment that will provide information about their running technique and biomechanics.  This knowledge will help prevent running injuries or rehabilitate existing or chronic conditions.  In 2016 we added Run³ a unique motion capture system that uses the Microsoft Kinect camera.  We also added an upgrade to our running assessments by joining forces with KOPI rehab’s Jonathan Daniel for a combined physiotherapy/running assessment appointment.  See below for pricing information.


We work with runners of all abilities, ranging from weekend warriors to elite athletes.  Whether you wear orthotics or run barefoot, you can benefit from a proper gait analysis.  Runners taking part in Learn-To-Run programs or running groups (e.g. http://www.runnerschoicekingston.com/runners-choice-run-groups/ or http://www.events.runningroom.com/hm2/) who want information about their biomechanics and want to make sure they don’t have any of the risk factors for common running injuries (e.g. excessive hip rotation) find the 3D gait report invaluable.  Being able to strengthen areas of weakness before an injury happens allows continued training and the ability to reach your running goals!

The cost is $120.00 for a running assessment. This includes: a manual assessment of strength and flexibility; a 3D gait assessment; explanation of the report; and suggested exercises/stretches to ensure that your body is ready for going the extra mile (or 10).  The appointment takes approximately 1.5 hours (this is sometimes split into assessment and follow-up appointments).  The report is yours to keep so you can share it with your physiotherapist, personal trainer or other health professional to help guide them in your rehabilitation and conditioning efforts.

The running assessment is performed by one of our certified pedorthists, who are specialists in gait analysis.  The pedorthists draw from their clinical experience as well as their kinesiology background to provide evidence based treatment and advice to reduce running injuries.

New for 2016: We have added running a combined Align/KOPI running assessment with physiotherapist Jonathan Daniel.  Jonathan brings a physiotherapy perspective focusing on strength, flexibility.  Jonathan is a runner himself and has a keen interest in assessment of form and function.  We charge $199 for the combined physiotherapy running assessment, and this may be covered under your extended health benefits.

Contact us to make an appointment today to make sure you are using the best running form!

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